* Preface
* History
* A Brief Introduction to Administrative Litigation
* Jurisdiction and Organization
* Trial and Judges
* Trial Procedure
* Facilities and Service
* Concluding Remarks

Concluding Remarks

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8. Concluding Remarks

Administrative litigation is the channel through which an individual not satisfied with an administrative act done by a government office, or whose application on the basis of a public-law right is rejected, may seek redress. Since the establishment of this Court on July 1, 2000, all colleagues have been working to conduct trial and administrative matters.

With respect to trial matters, this Court establishes specialized tribunals for tax cases, environmental law cases, and cases involving indigenous peoples. In addition, it cooperates with neighboring institutions of higher education to host conferences to rigorously study controversial topics. Such conferences are helpful for both judges and the society at large. With respect to administrative matters, the colleagues of this Court fully support its trials, enhance the quality of its court records, improve the performance of services provided to individuals, and carefully ensure the quality of the aforementioned functions.

Further, this Court continues to provide basic education about the rule-of-law to the general public. In addition to receiving group visits and visiting rural areas, this Court has established a Facebook page and a blog. This Court, moreover, acted first in the country to offer a column explaining law through easy-to-understand stories. This Court will continue to lay such foundation for the rule of law in the society.

In the future, this Court will continue to conduct all trials impartially, objectively, and professionally. This Court will also strive to be innovative and stay up-to-date with both society and technology. This Court will make the judicial information environment more friendly, broaden dimensions of communications, and move toward the goal of building a judicial environment that is clean and trusted by the people.






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