* Preface
* History
* A Brief Introduction to Administrative Litigation
* Jurisdiction and Organization
* Trial and Judges
* Trial Procedure
* Facilities and Service
* Concluding Remarks
Facilities and Service
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7. Facilities and Services that Provide People Greater Convenience

Since the judiciary exists to provide services to the people, this Court has designed a warm and considerate environment for them. All of the services and equipment, such as the Legal Service Center for Ordinary People, the Rest Area, the Courtroom Area, etc., that may help the people who are visiting this Court or appearing in the courtrooms are located on the entry floor (first floor). The Single Window Joint Service Center, in particular, provides people efficient, one-stop, and computerized services.

7.1 Judicial Environment Equipped with User-Oriented Technologies

7.1.1 This Court employs projecting equipment and screens in front of seats to demonstrate the case files and evidence electronically, which makes the trial process transparent, fluent, and focused. Such equipment allows the litigating parties and their agents to project or display documents, materials, or files such as video clips and PDF files.

7.1.2 This Court has established a Web site, a Facebook page, and a blog disseminating both real-time, practical messages about the Court and legal knowledge through easy-to-understand stories.

7.1.3 The Judicial Yuan produces “App” software packages that can be used on smartphones, and such Apps help litigating parties and their agents to check the dates on which the trials for their case will be held, the latest updates on the trial process of their case, and the court fees for their case and a calculator. An App is designed to allow litigating parties and their agents to apply for access to the files for their case. An App is designed to provide a single sign-in portal for lawyers to access, in their professional capacity, the information held by the judiciary. The App that allow litigating parties and their agents to check the dates on which the trials for their case will be held allows the users to choose to turn on the function of automatically reminding the users of the expiry of time on the trial process and the coming dates on which and time at which the trials will be held.

7.2 Single-Window Joint Service Center

7.2.1 Litigation Counseling

When an individual has any questions about the court procedure, he or she may personally visit this Court or use communication tools such as the telephone, Skype, or LINE, to contact this Court. The Court will answer their questions.

7.2.2 Delivery and Receipt of Documents and Briefs

Documents and briefs may be personally delivered, mailed, facsimiled, or emailed to this Court. In addition, plaintiffs may file their complaints with this Court through the online filing system designed and maintained by the Judicial Yuan.

7.2.3 Receipt and Payment of Fees

The court fees may be paid in person, at a convenience store, through mailing checks, through making transfers at financial institutions, or through physical or online automatic teller machines (ATMs). This Court pays witnesses and expert witnesses the statutorily prescribed traveling expenses.

7.2.4 Other Services This Court is open to receive documents and briefs during office hours, as well as during noon breaks, at night until ten o’clock, and on holidays. This Court provides to the public Essential Information for Litigants, and Samples for Commonly Used Documents and Briefs. This Court welcomes visits by government offices, civic groups, and schools. In addition, this Court actively deepens rule-of-law education in the society through moot court activities and by official visits to schools in the rural areas in the five counties where this Court is located. This Court is equipped with an information system with touch-screen and sound-control. In addition, visitors to this Court have access to the database of statutes and cases designed and maintained by the Judicial Yuan. This Court makes available wheelchairs and reading glasses, as well as the real-time information about the bus system of Taichung City.

7.3 Considerate Measures

7.3.1 This Court has set up a Center of Legal Services for Ordinary People, staffed by the Taichung Branch of the Legal Aid Foundation and the Taichung Bar Association to provide legal aid and legal counseling on substantive law.

7.3.2 This Court maintains a Nursing Room for breast-feeding women, a lounge for litigants, a lounge for witnesses and expert witnesses, and a lounge for lawyers or other professionals representing their clients. Available at each of these lounges are message boards showing the number of the trials in session, a WiFi internet connection (iTaiwan), newspaper, magazines, and a water fountain.

7.3.3 This Court provides various equipment to help the disabled persons

7.3.4 This Court shows on its walls the directories for each floor, evacuation maps, and directions. The office space of this Court, the name badges of the staff, and its public facilities convey information in both the Chinese language and English, making for a better bilingual judicial environment.

7.3.5 This Court designates parking space exclusively reserved for the people who have to visit this Court.




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